What we do

Work that’s simple. Work that’s safe.
Work that doesn’t feel like work.
That’s the secret to creating a
successful environment for
autistic adults.

  • Assembling parts. Building skills.

    Assembling parts.
    Building skills.

    As a safe, comfortable and nurturing work environment that’s part of a true manufacturing company, employees at we make work with their hands in mini-teams to assemble and package small parts that will be used in vinyl fencing and railing products sold at leading home improvement stores.

  • Real products. Genuine pride.

    Real products.
    Genuine pride.

    With its puzzle-solving aspects and focus on a repeatable task, the work we make employees do plays to the strengths of most autistic individuals. But unlike the traditional experience of arts & crafts projects or “busy work,” we’re striving to instill the sense of fulfillment that comes from producing something of real value: the making of goods that every employee — and an entire community — can feel genuinely good about.

  • Nurturing potential. Fostering independence.

    Nurturing potential.
    Fostering independence.

    At we make, job growth is directly related to personal growth. With our commitment to helping each individual achieve their greatest potential, we’re focused on providing a foundation for improved self-confidence, a greater vocational future and increased independence.

One approach. Every employee.

  • Learn
    Through careful observation, hands-on assistance and ongoing data collection and analysis, every member of our staff becomes an expert in each individual’s background, skills and current level of ability
  • Discuss
    With the twin goals of addressing workplace issues efficiently and maximizing each employee’s potential, we continually meet to align on any modifications to a work plan
  • Develop
    We then formulate a plan to realize success and put it into practice, ensuring that every person at we make is optimizing their experience and constantly working to achieve new levels of success