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We’re building the first workplace designed with the world’s most special employees in mind.

  • The why behind
    we make

    In a time when many in business are talking about the future of work, we’ve been thinking about the future of a very special workforce — the estimated 1.5 million people with autism.

  • Building with birds

    The first workplace that truly works for adults with autism

    Instead of continuing to ask them to adjust to traditional work environments, we’re building the world’s first workspace centered around autistic employees’ specific needs and abilities.

  • Flower in hand

    A place to go and grow

    The goal is to give adults with autism a new sense of pride and purpose. To foster real careers instead of simply offering jobs. And to produce the kind of goods everyone can feel genuinely good about.

  • Crowd

    From here to everywhere

    From the safe, nurturing design of our facility to personalized job training to onsite developmental assistance, this is about more than creating a single program, but about creating a successful model that other companies can adopt.


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When you look at employees in a new way, the world takes notice. See what different people and publications are saying about the difference we make can make.

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